BlackBoxHybrid Marshmallow [I9505 Only]


CM sources synced up latest at all times.

Main Features:

Fix On Tap Home button
Show each app name being optimised during boot
Allow chromium to sign in
Smoother Upload and Download Animation
Improve scrolling cache
Materialise toast frames
Update GPS Icons to be more Material
Speed up StatusBar
Allow faster app switching
Screen pinning improvements
Battery saver enhancements
Remove drawables and videos we don’t need
Don’t refresh ui when screen off
Ensure M Camera Sounds
Use M Sound for LowBattery
Update VideoRecord & Wireless Charging Sounds to M
Update Material Ringtones to M from N5 Factory Image
Update Notification Sounds from N5 Factory Image
Update Dock/Undock Sounds from M Factory Image
Update Effects from N5 Nexus Image
Update Alarm Files from N5 Factory Image
Materialise Tab Selected to Fix Power Menu Theming
Fix for crash when PDF printing in Chrome
Fix no LED indication for missed call when screen off
Reduce sscanf times for optimization
Fix to avoid UI freeze issue
Change SQL to improve performance.
Alarm: add support for power off alarm
aapt: default to 0 compression
Fix navbar transitions which was causing bizarre statusbar bleed
Remove dead code
Fix show charging speed on Keyguard
Pimp multi-window
Bring scrolling back to a sane level

Add the ability to hide superuser status bar icon [1/2]
Long press back to kill configurable timeout
Toast icon switch
Navbar tweaks
HW keys tweaks
Network Traffic
Keyguard – Add user configurable shortcuts
Gesture Anywhere
Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
Battery Bar
Add clear all recents action to recents panel
Recents panel clear all button tweaks
Replace recents clear all button with a fab button.
Add OmniSwitch as option for default recents
Full screen recents
Immersive Recents
HeadsUp blacklists
HeadsUp whitelists
HeadsUp: add timeout option
Heads Up Snooze
Set number of tile columns
SystemUI: set number of QS rows
Hide power menu on secure lockscreen
Longpress power lockscreen torch
Double tap to sleep anywhere on the lock screen
Add back all keyboard IME features back
Force Heads up in all applications
Get your weather on… the lock screen
CM custom boot dexopt UI
Smart Pulldown
Build clang with -03
Buildtime compiling optimizations
Create 0 compression ratio jar files
Shrink M Bootanimation from 3.5 MB to 0.5 MB
Add back pulsing led on boot

Custom BlackBox Settings
Rearranged settings
Removed all CM stuff from settings app

Over 150 bug fix commits

And more..
Slim date customizations
App sidebar
App circle sidebar
PIE 3.0
Slim doze options
Intelligent hotplug cpu driver with eco mode
Intelli_plug: some compiler optimizations
Added zen, vr, sio, fiops and fifo schedulers
Add/Enable bfq & cfq schedulers
Add SIOPlus scheduler
Voltage Control: initial voltage control for MSM S4-Pro SOC
Add wheatley governor
Add Adaptive governor
Add Asswax & Badass governors
Add smartmax governor
Add Optimax and Yankdemand governors
Add Hyper, Pegasusq, Nightmare, Darkness & Alucard governors
Add Tripndroid scheduler & Smartass2 governor
Intellidemand cpufreq governor
Intelliminmax cpu governor
Permissive kernel

22 bug fixing commits
force optimising compiler and optimise everything

There is a lot more i haven’t mentioned here, but is available to view on my GitHub

Additional info not included on github:
Rom built with UberTC 4.9
Kernel built with UberTC 5.3
You may need to update your modem and boot-loader if you get no sound on calls etc
I have tried to stabilise BT and Wifi as much as i can, but will look at what JDC team have done with their BT fixes.

Full wipe is required

There’s currently no OC/UC but there is voltage control
I plan on putting more mods n stuff in the kernel, the ROM has most mods you need, i will mainly concentrate on finding more bug fixes for stability for now.